Jesus And Me (J.A.M.) Youth Conference has been established since 2007. This conference is designed to inspire and motivate our youths to have a personal walk with God by coming into covenant relationship with Christ Jesus. Many give their lives to God, find out their purpose, and are transformed annually at this conference. This conference is usually held on the weekend of “Spring Break,” typically at Easter.  Though called a youth conference, hundreds gather from every age group for this dynamic weekend. Churches from all over come to visit and even stay in hotels to not miss this power-pact event. This is a time where all Greater Life Apostolic Ministries saints, especially the youths are encouraged to invite family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, even strangers. To help spread the word about J.A.M., hundreds of flyers are mailed and handed out leading up to this event. We also spread the word through social networking, email, phone calls, texts, word-of-mouth, etc…Every year different guest ministers are asked to come preacher the word of God. In addition we also ask other church music teams to come minister in worship. This is a refreshing time for every one who attends. The word is dynamic, the worship is electrifying, and the fellowship is awesome.